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Having trouble increasing the open rate of your email newsletter efforts?

Over the past few years, email newsletters have become a staple to any digital news consumer’s appetite. However, we all fall into the trap of subscribing when we know full well we won't have time to read through all our news. So, in an attempt to reclaim inbox efficiency, we built a tool that allows digital publishers to automate audio editions of their newsletters and serve this content through new channels — Alexa and the Podcast Store.

Audio Newsletters

Over the past couple of years, newsletters have become an important format for digital news publishers. The direct nature of these emails allows publishers to form daily habits with their readers delivering them a curated snapshot of their news for that day. However, as digital news consumers, we are all familiar with the concept of newsletter overload; we subscribe to every industry blog, daily newsletter or company update that sounds in-line with our spectrum of interest — knowing in the back of our minds we won't have time to read them.

That’s why we decided to build a tool that would allow audiences to listen to audio editions of their favourite newsletters on-the-go.

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How it works

Without giving too much away (!) this is how we produce audio versions to your newsletters;

  1. Every time a new version of your newsletter is published SpeechKit receives this content and prepares it for text-to-speech processing.
  2. Using cutting edge HTML extraction technology we are able to identify the core components to each edition and reduce these for audio.
  3. After these are extracted and the audio is generated a file is made ready for distribution.
  4. Audio newsletters can be repurposed as Alexa Flash Briefings, Podcast content or served on your website through the SpeechKit player.
  5. Every time a new newsletter is published your audience now has a chance to take that content with them on their commute, or in the gym, or perhaps just on the couch!

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More about SpeechKit

At SpeechKit we are helping 100s of news publishers to automate audio versions of their content efforts. Sign up for a free trial and instantly start creating audio for the next generation of news consumer.